My name is Susann Martin, LMP.  I am a fully licensed Massage Practitioner who specializes in Massage Therapy in treating back and neck problems due to excessive muscle tightness and Trigger Points. With my help, you can get back on your feet again with reduced, or no back & neck pain (depending on the problem) and be free to live your life!

I truly believe in the healing powers of massage for reducing, and even eliminating painful soft tissue conditions. I treat each client individually, according to what your special needs are.

I have also been certified through ACE Massage Cupping to perform massage vacu-therapy cupping. This technique uses negative pressure to create gentle space in tissues, bring blood and oxygen, assist the lymphatic system, plus a host of other benefits. Ask me about what massage cupping can do for you today!

I am excited to offer the imrs 2000 and imrs Omnium1 PEMF technology in my office. These devises help to energize healthy cell growth, stimulate your micro circulation, and balance your immune system. You can add the imrs to your massage to enhance your healing results of your massage. It is also great for pain reduction as well.

I am also a rep for these two wonderful, life changeling products,  the imrs 2000 and Omnium 1 . If you are interested in learning more about owning one for your own home use, please ask me or follow the links below for more information.  I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.














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